The Klassik Open Air would like to thank its co-operation partners for their support. Without them, such an event would not be possible!

Main sponsors

Sparda-Bank Nürnberg has been a "partner from the very beginning" and is once again providing free admission to the Luitpoldhain this year. In doing so, it is playing its part in the more than 20-year success story of Europe's greenest concert hall.
Thanks to the cooperative bank's commitment, admission to the Klassik Open Air is and will remain free for everyone. In addition, the financial institution gives the audience the opportunity to actively help shape the programme with the "Sparda-Wunschstück" campaign. 

"This event is so important to us precisely because everyone can enjoy the music and the wonderful atmosphere without having to pay admission," explains Claudia Knoblich, authorised signatory of Lebkuchen-Schmidt. "By tasting the music, we hope to give many people a taste for classical music in an uncomplicated way, just as we are always winning new fans with our gingerbread."
In the spirit of Henriette Schmidt-Burkhardt, Lebkuchen-Schmidt also supports Stars im Luitpoldhain in addition to the Klassik Open Air.

Experience good music with a few good friends and a good drop of wine in the open air - pure enjoyment and free of charge. N-ERGIE Aktiengesellschaft ensures this with its support for Germany's largest classical music open air. The regional energy supplier not only ensures a reliable supply of electricity, natural gas, water and heat, but also assumes social responsibility: from the region for the region. This is why N-ERGIE has been a sponsor of the Klassik Open Air since 2001.


Rudolf und Henriette
Schmidt-Burkhardt Stiftung

"Classical music to savour at a picnic in the park - I liked this idea right from the start. Many people simply drop by, savour the classical music - and stay. And they come back with their friends at the next concert. And slowly, slowly they become classical music gourmets." These were the words of Henriette Schmidt-Burkhardt, a patron and lover of classical music who died in 2014, who co-initiated the Klassik Open Airs in 2000 and laid an important financial foundation for the promotion of the Klassik Open Airs.
In her spirit, support for this special cultural event will be continued by her sole heir, the Rudolf and Henriette Schmidt-Burkhardt Foundation, and Lebkuchen-Schmidt GmbH & Co. KG will continue their support.

Media partner

Bringing this atmosphere to life in Europe's largest classical open air programme around the world, either simultaneously or with a time delay, is a major task for BR-KLASSIK Franken. "Klassik grenzenlos - BR-KLASSIK, BR Fernsehen and 3sat are already waiting impatiently in the starting blocks this year," says Head of the Music Department Dr. Ursula Adamski-Störmer from BR-KLASSIK Franken.

As different as people are: They all like music. And the 98.6 charivari team is fully committed to it. So it's only natural that charivari should become a media partner of the Klassik Open Air. Because when music meets enthusiastic listeners, it is more than just a matter of honour for Nuremberg's best-known radio station to be there. After all, the listeners and the radio producers themselves know what wonderful magic there is in music.