Frequently asked questions about safety at Klassik Open Air can be found here. Please take the time to read this information to ensure that Klassik Open Air is a great experience for all spectators and participants. You will find the most important facilities on the site plan.
Visitors to Klassik Open Air agree that the organiser is entitled - without being obliged to pay any remuneration - to have image and sound recordings made of the event for documentation and advertising purposes, and to reproduce, broadcast and use these. These rights are unlimited in terms of time and space.  
Please also note that the concerts will be broadcast by radio on BR-Klassik and on BR television.

General information
  • Use the bicycle parking spaces (see site plan)
  • Show consideration for the unique tree population and the new plantings. 
  • Always keep the escape routes marked in white, especially the central escape route in front of the stage, clear. 
  • Turn down your mobile phones so that neighbouring guests can listen to the concert undisturbed. 
  • If necessary, please contact the contact persons in the four information centres, the security service to the left of the stage, the medical service or the police (see site plan). 
  • Do not take dogs with you, except assistance dogs with proof.
  • Do not barbecue. 
  • Do not erect pavilions. Do not erect any fences or other barriers. 
  • Do not take bicycles onto the concert grounds.
  • Do not take e-scooters onto the concert grounds.
  • Do not chain bicycles to barriers or mobile fences. 
  • Do not release any sky balloons. 
  • Do not light garden torches or similar. 
  • Do not block the escape routes marked in white, especially the central escape route in front of the stage. 
  • Do not block seats with blankets.
Thank you!

How safe is Klassik Open Air?
There is also a coordinated security concept for these concerts. According to the police, the security situation for Klassik Open Air has not changed compared to last year. As in previous years, there are no concrete indications of danger for the event. Nevertheless, the police will increase their presence and the number of police officers. Both uniformed police and plainclothes officers will be on the move at Klassik Open Air. The city will also be increasing its private security service.

What do I do if I notice something inappropriate during the Open Air?
In this case, please contact the police. You can reach them on the regular emergency number 110 or speak to the police on site.

What do I do if there is a thunderstorm during the Open Air?
As the weather can change quickly on hot summer days, announcements from the stage will inform you if there are any signs of severe weather. In this case, please immediately seek out surrounding buildings, cars or public transport such as buses or trams. In any case, keep your distance from the stage, tents, loudspeaker towers, flagpoles, lanterns or trees.

What do I do if I feel unwell?
If you feel uncomfortable, for whatever reason, please do not hesitate to contact our security staff or the staff in the info boxes (see site plan). Your safety and well-being are very important to us. 
We rely on the active participation and support of all of you. Please be attentive, respectful and look out for each other.

What special arrangements are there for people with disabilities?
There are special car parks at the Meistersingerhalle for people with disabilities. Assistance dogs are allowed on the grounds with proof. Please note that there are no specially reserved spaces on the meadow for people with disabilities.

First Aid

You will find paramedics to the left of the stage and in the direction of Bayernstraße on the site. Bandages for minor injuries are also available at the four information booths (see site plan). In an emergency, you can also call 112.


The police can be reached in their operations centre to the left of the stage (see site plan). Some police officers are also constantly patrolling the site. In an emergency, you can also dial 110. The police will carry out sporadic bag checks on visitors to the site. Please understand this security measure.


If you are asked to leave the grounds due to a dangerous situation, the first thing to do is to keep calm! You can leave the grounds in all directions. Be sure to follow the announcements over the loudspeakers and the instructions of the police and security personnel.


Please do not leave your candles, sparklers and cigarettes burning unattended. The dry grass, clothing and blankets burn up very quickly. Open fires and barbecues are strictly prohibited on the entire site for safety reasons. Torches and sky balloons are also prohibited.

Further information

For many years, the festival has also been characterised by the exemplary way in which its visitors deal with waste. The concert site is left as clean as it was found. We would like to continue this tradition. We therefore ask you to either take the leftovers from the picnic back home with you or to dispose of them in one of the rubbish bins provided (on all main paths and the loudspeaker towers). Thank you very much.

Broken glass

Despite the greatest care, it unfortunately happens time and again that your favourite bottle of red wine or a glass is broken. Please remove the broken glass so that no guests are injured during the concert or on the way home. Rubbish bins are located along all main routes and at the loudspeaker towers. If you need help, you are welcome to contact the above-mentioned locations.

Risk of tripping

In order for us to be able to supply all facilities with electricity and water, cables and hoses have to be laid on the ground again and again. Although these are marked as well as possible, we ask you to keep your eyes open so that you do not come to any harm. If you notice any tripping hazards, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Drones may not be operated over crowds of people or within 100 metres of crowds of people. At Klassik Open Air, the police will consistently pursue and punish violations of this ban. For the protection of guests and performers at Klassik open Air, we ask you to observe this ban.


If we're lucky, we can expect a beautiful, sunny day at the event. But too much sun can also be unhealthy. Drink plenty of water! Protect your skin from sunburn by applying sun cream and covering your skin. Please take down your umbrellas and sunshades at the start of the concert so that the audience behind you can also enjoy a clear view of the stage.


If the weather is changeable, please remember to bring rain protection and rainwear. The rain often passes quickly and you can continue to enjoy the festival.


Avoid trees and wooded areas in strong winds and storms. Branches and twigs can break off and fall. Secure your equipment so that it does not injure other people and seek a safe area.


Even on the most beautiful summer days, thunderstorms can unfortunately occur quickly. As we are in an open area and many metal structures such as stages, loudspeaker towers and cable routes favour lightning strikes, it is important to get to safety in good time. Thunderstorms can move very quickly! 
We will monitor the weather situation and warn you in good time via the public address system. Please follow these instructions! You should also look out for signs of severe weather such as a sudden increase in wind, thunderclouds and thunder and seek a safe place in good time. 

Behaviour during storms

The distance of a thunderstorm can be roughly determined by the following rule:

  • First you count the seconds between lightning and thunder. 
  • Now divide the number of seconds by three to get the distance of the thunderstorm in kilometres. 
  • At a distance of just five kilometres, i.e. with a count interval of 15 seconds between lightning and thunder, there is already immediate danger!

As you still have to allow time to reach a safe place, you should set off early (i.e. no later than 30 seconds between lightning and thunder)! 
Please keep calm and look for a safe area:

  • your own car or the cars of other guests
  • Trams and buses
  • Arcades of the Kongresshalle (behind Bayernstraße; 15 minutes' walk)

If you cannot find a safe area, the following applies:

  • Leave the large grass area, which is spanned with cables and ropes
  • Keep at least 10 metres away from trees 
  • Keep a distance of at least 1 metre, preferably 3 metres, from stage structures, tents, loudspeaker towers, flagpoles and lamp posts. 
  • Find a hollow and squat down with your legs closed 
  • Keep at least 1 metre away from other people