The Klassik Open Air Concerts

Photo: Uwe Niklas

The unrivalled success story of Klassik Open Air started in 2000, on the occasion of the City of Nuremberg’s 950th anniversary. Since then, on two concert days in July and August, the public park is transformed into a very special festival site: around 160,000 visitors – whether metal fans, absolute “classic” beginners, musical ladies’ circles or classical music connoisseurs – celebrate a peaceful party with great community spirit and a (musical) picnic under a starry sky.

In 2013, a Family Concert on the morning of the first concert day was added to the two evening concerts performed by the Nuremberg State Philharmonic Orchestra and the Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra. Since then, the State Philharmonic Orchestra, introduced young listeners in particular to classical music.

Due to Coronavirus Pandemic the concerts 2020 have to be cancelled.