Klassik Open Air

Europas grünster Konzertsaal

Stadt Nürnberg

Foto: Uwe Niklas

July 22 2018
11 a.m.

„Family Concert”

Klassik Open Air featuring the Staatsphilharmonie Nurernberg
admission free

Foto: Uwe Niklas

Juli 22 2018
8 p.m.

Staats­philharmonie Nürnberg

Klassik Open Air featuring the Staatsphilharmonie Nürnberg
Fireworks at the end
admission free

Foto: Uwe Niklas

August 4 2018
8 p.m.

Nürnberger Symphoniker

Klassik Open Air featuring the Nürnberger Symphoniker
admission free

Classical music gains a cult following

Menschen auf dem Weg zum  Klassik Open Air

Foto: Uwe Niklas

(Almost) everybody is enchanted by this magic: The Klassik Open Air with a picnic in the park in Nuremberg’s Luitpoldhain has become an enchanting, almost magnetic event, and still has not lost its informal charm. A party for all – and for free!

The sunset, classical music, and a picnic in the park with friends attract over 160,000 visitors to Europe’s biggest classic open air event. Metal fans rub shoulders with a musical ladies' society, a Turkish picnic party shares its bread with Russian concert lovers. Aficionados of classical music and complete novices relax together on the meadow, react with spontaneous applause and little dance intermezzos.

Die Bühne beim Klassik Open Air

Foto: Uwe Niklas

In spite of all the positive experiences with the idea and the venue, the Klassik Open Air would have had no future without sponsors who were committed to supporting the concerts even before the City of Nuremberg announced it wanted to continue the event. The City of Nuremberg therefore thanks the main sponsors of Klassik Open Airs: Sparda-Bank Nürnberg and Lebkuchen Schmidt, as well as all other supporters.

This includes every concert visitor, too: Nuremberg’s got a weakness for birds. Nuremberg Culture Prize winner, Toni Burghart, designed this little bird as a symbol for the Klassik Open Airs. And everyone wearing this badge can show their support for the concerts. So – have you got your bird yet?



Geländeplan Luittpoldhain

Arrival and departure
As for any big event, a high density of traffic can be expected at KLASSIK OPEN AIR. Please forgo the journey by car and use public transport or bikes instead. In any case, it is advisable to take one’s time for arrival and departure, doing so will increase your enjoyment of the concert.

If you should have to arrive by car, please follow the route guidance to the parking facilities. It will guide you to an available parking lot. It is advisable not to use navigation systems as they do not consider short-term road closures and traffic jams as well as full parking lots.

Free bicycle parking lots can be found at “An der Ehrenhalle” and at “Kurt-Klutentreter-Steg”.

Car parking spaces (at a charge) are located at “Große Straße”, at “Volksfestplatz”, in the inner courtyard of the Congress Hall, at “Bayernstraße” and – in limited numbers – at the Meistersingerhalle. 

A car park for disabled people can be found next to the “Ehrenhalle” at the road “An der Ehrenhalle”.

Public transport

Line S2 (Station: Dutzendteich)

Line 6 (Station: Doku-Zentrum)
Line 9 (Station: Luitpoldhain)

Line 36 (Station: Doku-Zentrum)
Line 55 (Station: Meistersingerhalle)
Line 65 (Station: Doku-Zentrum)
The VAG employs additional vehicles at the day of the concert.

Food and Drink

The venue of KLASSIK OPEN AIR offers plenty of gastronomic takeaways. Information on the precise locations of the individual offerings can be gained at the information desks.

Important information and FAQ
In the following sections you will find important information for your visit at KLASSIK OPEN AIR.

General information
In order to ensure a general well-being of all visitors, following prohibitions need to be obeyed.


This concert has a balanced safety concept. According to the police, the current security situation has not changed compared to 2016. As in the previous years there are no concrete danger warnings for the event. Although, the police will increase its presence and force. Uniformed as well as plain-clothed police officers will be on duty. As well as this, the city of Nuremberg will expand their private security staff.

Will there be pocket controls?
Yes, but there will only be spot checks on visitors. Please appreciate those safety measures.

What can I do if I notice something unusual during the open-air concert?     
In this case, please turn to the police. You can contact them via the regular emergency number 110 or directly on-site.

What can I do if a storm comes up?
As the weather can easily change on hot days, there will be announcements on stage if signs of storm occur. In that case, please head for surrounding buildings, cars and public transport vehicles like busses or trams immediately. Keep back from the stage, tents, speaker stacks, flagpoles, lanterns and trees.    

Herzlichen Dank an unsere Hauptförderer:

Rudolf und Henriette Schmidt-Burkhardt Stiftung


und Medienpartner:


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