Photo: Fabian Pfaffenberger / @fabianos
Photo: Fabian Pfaffenberger / @fabianos

Bird Pin

Photo: Uwe Niklas

With each pin that you receive as a thank you for a donation of at least 5 euros for the Klassik Open Air, you directly support the open air concerts in Nuremberg's Luitpoldhain.The income from this little bird is one of the financial pillars of the concerts. A pillar formed by many people, each of them making his/her contribution.

Some people have even developed a collector’s mania and look forward to a new bird design every year, which is always derived from the first bird created by Nuremberg painter and Culture Award winner, Toni Burghart. In 2018, the single-coloured bird pin stood for the first concert day with the Nuremberg State Philharmonic Orchestra, and the patterned pin for the second Klassik Open Air with Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra.

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